Operations Policy

Complaints and Comments

The charity endeavours to maintain the highest level of quality in our administration and in the delivery of our projects.

If you are happy with our overall service or have any comments, please let us know and whether we may share these comments anonymously in our Annual report and publicity material.

If you have a complaint please let us know. We take every case seriously and we are committed to ensuring that all complaints are dealt with promptly, efficiently and deliver an outcome that is acceptable to all concerned.

Operations Policy

Safeguarding Children

We believe that no child or young person should experience abuse or harm. We are committed to the protection of children and young people and this policy is intended to provide guidance and overarching principles for those who represent us as (e.g. trustees and volunteers).

Operations Policy

Grant Awards and Verification

We will consider offering grants in accordance with the terms of its grants awards schemes and in line with our constitution. In fulfilment of our constitution We will also routinely send money overseas. As such there is a duty on the charity to ensure that the funds of the charity are used for the intended charitable purpose. The charity will therefore take reasonable steps to ensure that it is operating in accordance with the law in England and Wales.

IT Policy

Privacy Policy

We respect the privacy of every person who visits our websites and subscribes online publications and are committed to ensuring a safe online-experience. This privacy policy sets out to help you understand how your personal information will be treated as you engage with us both online and off. It is important that you know how we record your personal data when you do things like visit our website, donate to us or use our services so that you can trust us with that information.

Finance Policy


The charity commits itself to ensure that its fundraising activities are conducted with integrity and public accountability. Whilst fundraising is a priority for the organisation, this objective must be considered alongside the potential risks to public trust.

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