Coming this September 2021

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We at The Iyanola Foundation are moved to respond to child poverty in St Lucia, particularly in the wake of the Corona Virus epidemic which has reduced the household incomes of many families.  Coming this September 2021 we are launching our schools meals project to complement existing support at  Des Barras Combined school and Bexon Primary school. 

The overall objective of the project is: To reduce the impact of food poverty amongst those children who are in need and in so doing increase their engagement and outcomes from learning activities at school. 

From September our delivery partners Des Barras Combined school and Bexon Primary school will identify and complete or endorse applications for grant funding (with the consent of parents) based on known welfare concerns for their students.  We will in turn award grants to children to access school meals. 

By offering these grants we hope to have a positive impact of the following outcomes 

  • The quality of meals 
  • Food poverty absence 
  • Related behaviour issues 
  • Educational performance 

We are busy putting all the building blocks in place, feel free to reach out to us at or alternatively contact the principals at the schools mentioned for further information. 

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